Highlights for our upcoming National AgriBusiness Summit

Highlights for our upcoming National AgriBusiness Summit

The future of agriculture is sustainability at every level of the supply chain. Are we ready to meet the challenge?


Virtual Summit | Thursday, May 6th



Our panel of industry leaders share their views on what they believe to be the biggest issues, opportunities and challenges facing the agri-food sector now and into the future at both a national and global level.  With a big focus on sustainability, Items that will no doubt be discussed include:

  • The impact of COVID 19 on the agribusiness sector
  • Government and EU policy and reform
  • Supply chain and distribution challenges in the post BREXIT era
  • Sustainable agriculture and the circular economy
  • Talent management and human capital
  • Technology, R&D and product innovation
  • Changing consumers, diets and tastes
  • Ireland’s competitiveness in a globalising world



Sustainable Agriculture and the green agenda
  • Sustainability from farm to fork
  • New initiatives and tools for an environmentally conscious and efficient agricultural sector
  • Green agriculture and tax incentives
  • Carbon neutral food



Meeting changing consumer demands and expectations

Consumers are better informed and their expectations higher than ever. They increasingly want to know where their food comes from and how it gets here. They are also seeking action on climate change and sustainability from all sectors of society, including agribusiness. And their diet is changing! They want to know that their food is safe and good for them. These issues and their effects on the agri-food sector and its future will be discussed by our panel.



Financing and funding the Agribusiness Sector
  • Why food and agribusiness presents an attractive investment opportunity
  • The recent performance of the Irish agri-food sector
  • Raising finance by attracting bank and investor funds
  • State supported finance and investment
  • The future outlook for agri-food investment
  • Financial benefits to achieving environmental sustainability for the industry


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