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Can we meet our organic targets?

Ireland’s organic sector has many ambitious targets to hit before the end of the decade. One ambitious target is to triple organic production by 2027 to 7.5%, while by 2030 10% of utilised agricultural area is to be farmed organically. [...]

Irish dairy and beef central to a nutritious diet

In the past two weeks, there has been a lot of noise on social media, spilling into mainstream media discussion about misleading advertising that collates with ‘veganuary’ using questionable science and health claims. This is highly aggravating to the Irish [...]

How do you prepare for tillage 2023?

Every year Teagasc publishes its economic prospects for agriculture for the following year. What are we to expect in 2023? Margins in the pig industry are expected to increase, beef is forecast to be stable while dairy and sheep margins [...]

Why a Breeding strategy in 2023 is a ‘no-brainer’.

For many farmers, breeding can often be overlooked as part of their farming system but proper breeding management on Irish farms is becoming increasingly important and for myriad reasons. In advance of the third annual AXA National Breeding Summit taking [...]

The Future of Irish Farming and Agri-Business

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