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Beef Status Quo Predicted

Looking back through the (short) archives of Agri Insider, it's hard to imagine how little has changed since this opinion piece was penned.   Written in the context of post-beefstrikes and the setting up of Beef Market Task Force, it [...]

‘Chewing the Cud’ Episode 3

The dairy industry has been in the headlines in recent weeks. This raises some topics for discussion in relation to the dairy industries outlook. In this Chewing The Cud discussion we look for balance on the issues and ask- Does [...]

Antibiotic Resistance Panel Discussion

Throwback to a great panel discussion from last October’s virtual National Dairy Show. Antibiotic Resistance: How this food chain issue will affect every dairy farmer “If you think you understand AMR, it hasn’t been explained properly to you”. One of [...]

Dairy Virtual AI Roadshow: Medium to High Input

The AI medium to high input dairy herd AI breeding discussion covers- Matching bulls to suit individual farm needs Deciding on a proven or genomic bull team Finding the balance for a spring calving herd Increasing solids in higher milk [...]

The Future of Irish Farming and Agri-Business

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